On this page I have listed some of my work, I can, however, not show you everything due to a non-disclosure agreement that I have signed.

Since I moved to Cyprus in 2012, I have worked for different companies that specialize in igaming language, but also cover other topics.

The main areas, which I currently do translations and content writing in are igaming (poker, roulette, slot machines aso.), sports events, climate, condoms, terms and conditions, website content, press releases  & general commands for websites, games a.s.o.

Besides translating I have also written SEO-articles for small and middle-sized companies in Denmark. Here the topic varies from time to time. Every article is based on two keywords and an interview with the company. See the copywriting section below for an example.

I also do translations for MyTrendyPhone, which is mainly gadget and meta tag translations.


Copy writing







Translation of a book in English

Standing on the shoulders of giants by Søren Frank: http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/standing-on-the-shoulders-of-giants-9781408187425


Knau and Adelberg

While working for WhiteAway I carried out two copywriting projects: producing new text in Danish, English and German for two new homepages:



Below you’ll find a screenshot of the websites:


IngenCO2.dk /CO2neutralwebsite.de

During my time at IngenCO2.dk I among other things wrote a press release for the German market:



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