The past 8+ years I have been working for different companies and translated various content. I have great knowledge within the field of Igaming and basic commands and general text for websites.

Due to this line of work, I’m very organized and deadline orientated. I set pride in delivering asap, but without jeopardizing the quality of my work. Furthermore, I’m good at researching and reading up on unknown topics before translating or deciding on a word.

My educational background, studying English, German, translation, business & international communication, build my base knowledge of mentioned languages and their culture, translation techniques, communication, and communication techniques a.s.o.


English-Danish Translations

I’m a native Dane and has grown up in Denmark, making Danish my native tongue. I started learning English at the age of 11 and has, later on, lived in both New Zealand and Australia for 1 year and 6 months respectively.   As I’m currently living in Cyprus, and not being able to speak Greek fluently, my daily communication is mainly conducted in English.

If you find your self in need of an experienced English – Danish translator, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

German-Danish Translations

As mentioned earlier, my native tongue is Danish. Growing up in Denmark with Germany at the southern border, learning German was a natural thing. Already as a kid, I watched German TV, mainly due to the fact that we had more German channels than Danish at that time. I properly started learning German when I was 13. Besides studying German at Master level, I also lived and studied for 7 months in Germany.

If you are looking for a German-Danish translator, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Proofreading Danish text and translations

Besides translation, I also offer proofreading. If you have a Danish text or a translation, which you would like to have checked one more time before publishing, I can do that for you too.

No matter the purpose of the text, a grammatical error or a spelling mistake can mean a loss of income or distrust. Why not get your text proofed one last time?


From time to time I’ve also been doing copywriting for small or middle-sized companies (have a look at my portfolio to see examples), who needed text to their website.

Besides writing for clients, I’m also a co-writer on our family website (in Danish). Our website is a travel site that provides information about Cyprus to tourists.


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