About Sembach

Lotte Sembach Madsen

My name is Lotte Sembach Madsen. I’m a native Dane currently living in Malta. I have always had an interest in languages and cultures, why I enjoy travelling and living in different countries. So far I have lived in Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Estonia and now Malta.

Since the spring of 2012, I have been working freelance as a translator/proofreader, which is both interesting and educational. When translating different topics, you are always gathering new information and learning about new things. My main topic these days are igaming,  website content, in-game text, T&C, SEO text, promotions and the like.

How can I help you?

On this site you can read about me, my services and subjects within translation and communication that interest me. 

Please feel free to contact me, if I can be of any service to you or should you have an idea for a post or questions regarding translation or cultural communication.

My Background

Because of my interest in languages and cultures, I started studying at Aarhus School of Business. Today I hold a Master’s degree in German International Business Communication, PR and translation. As well as a bachelor’s degree in English and German Business Communication. Recently (June 2022) I have also completed an AP in Human Resource Management.

Life in Denmark

I grew up on a small island in Denmark, Falster, where being able to communicate with the many tourists was a must. To earn some extra pocket money I got a job at the local hotel and later on at a cafe in the city centre. Here I also got to use both my English and German skills, and not least I learned how to be service minded, open and willing to adapt.

At the age of 16, I went on an exchange to New Zealand for a year – which was the biggest gift my parents ever gave me. I became aware of cultural differences and likenesses, and started seeing the world from other perspectives. My year away was the beginning of many trips, exploring the world and its cultures. I later lived in Australia, Germany, Cyprus, Estonia and now Malta. I have been to many different countries in the world and experienced their cultures. I only hope to keep on travelling and exploring the world.

After high school, I moved to Aarhus (2004) (the second biggest city in Denmark) to study at Aarhus School of Business, next to my studies I also worked at a cafe at the school. Here I worked alongside other students from different study lines and with different nationalities. I became good at balancing my studies, work and spare time. When working in a changing team you also learn to corporate with many different people. In a busy environment you need to be one step ahead of the action, maintain a big overview and make the customers happy.

Life after studying

After finishing my studies in 2010 I followed a 6 weeks Adobe course. Here I learned how to use Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Photoshop and InDesign. As a part of the course, we were asked to create a series of products for a client, to demonstrate that we could create likeable products according to the client’s wish.

In 2010 I also gave birth to my first child. Shortly after finishing maternity leave, I started as a marketing assistant at IngenCO2.dk (CO2-neutralwebsite.de), where I contributed with my German skills, writing press releases, articles, translations a.s.o. as well as performing B2C tasks.

After this, I worked on a project for Whiteaway.com, where I had to create text for two new home pages Knau and Adelberg. The text was to be created in Danish, German and English to generate traffic (the sites have however been closed down now).

Life as an ex-pat

In April 2012 I moved to Cyprus with my family as my husband got offered a job there. I started as a freelance translator working mainly for a translation company, All-in Translations. Besides translating regularly for a translation company, I’ve also translated a book for Bloomsbury Publishing and worked on other small jobs, e.g. LMA Gaming and Klimabevidst.dk (please see the section: Portfolio).

In 2013-2014 I worked for Storyhunter.dk – here I wrote SEO articles for small companies, which included interviewing them and creating an article on their website (examples can be found here).

2013 was also the year I gave birth to my second child. As maternity leave in Cyprus is more or less non-existing for working mothers, I only had 2 weeks off until I started working part-time while taking care of the baby. When he went to nursery I picked up full-time again.

From September 2015 to May 2017 I also worked for MyTrendyPhone, which specializes in phone and tablet gadgets and repairs. I mainly translated the product descriptions, title text and meta descriptions for various gadgets.

In 2016/2017 I also started to work for Lingospell and Blexr, providing translations and proofreading.

In my spare time, I also wrote text and updated the facebook site for the website Cypernguiden.dk, which – hence the name- is a guide for Danish tourists about Cyprus.

In August 2016 our family moved to Tallinn, a bit of a weather change compared to our sunny life in Cyprus. This also meant that I started my own company, Sembach OÜ, under which I do all my business now.

In 2018, my family yet again changed the scenery, and once more we were taken back down south to another sunny Mediterranean island, namely Malta.

From autumn 2019 to June 2022 I studied Human Resource Management via Copenhagen Business School, part-time next to work. 

Lately, I have also taken on work from other agencies and getting to work a bit more with my German. 

Where to find Sembach

If you want to know more about Sembach, you can find me on Linkedin.


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