About Sembach

Lotte Sembach Madsen

My name is Lotte Sembach Madsen. I’m a native Dane currently living in Tallinn. I have always had an interest in languages and cultures, why I spend a lot of time travelling. Today I do translation and copy writing, which is both interesting and educational. When translating different topics, you are always gathering new information and learning about new things.

How can I help you?

On this site you can read about me, my services and subjects within translation and communication that interest me. Under the post-tab you’ll find entries of different topics. I’ll be posting new entries here, so keep an eye out or submit your email address and get an email every time I post something new.

Please feel free to contact me, if I can be of any service to you or should you have an idea to a post or questions regarding translation or communication.

My Background

Because of my interest in languages and cultures I started studying at Aarhus School of Business. Today I hold a Master’s degree in German International Business Communication, PR and translation. As well as a bachelor’s degree in English and German Business Communication.

Life in Denmark

I grew up on a small island in Denmark, Falster, where being able to communicate with the many tourist was a must. To earn some extra pocket money I got a job at the local hotel ‘Hotel Falster’ and later on at a cafe  in the city center. Here I also got to use both my English and German skills, and not least I learned how to be service minded, open and willing to adapt.

At the age of 16 I went on an exchange to New Zealand for a year – which was the biggest gift my parents ever gave me. Once you enter the world, your life perspectives change – you become aware of the differences and likenesses. My year away was the beginning of many trips, exploring the world and its cultures. I later lived in both Australia, Germany and Cyprus. I have been in many different countries in the world and experienced their cultures. I only hope to keep on travelling for the rest of my life.

After high school I moved to Aarhus (second biggest city of Denmark) to study at Aarhus School of Business, next to my studies I also worked at a cafe at the school. Here I worked alongside 35 other students from all study lines and with different nationalities. I became good at balancing my studies, work and spare time. When working in a changing team you also learn to corporate with many different people. In a busy environment you need to be one step ahead of the action, maintain the big view and make the customers happy.

Life after studying

After finishing my studies in 2010 I followed a 6 weeks Adobe course. Here I learned how to use Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Photoshop and InDesign. As a part of the course we were asked to create a series of products for a client, to demonstrate that we could create likable products according to the client’s wish.

In 2010 I also gave birth to our daughter, Mikkeline. Shortly after finishing maternity leave I started as a marketing assistant at IngenCO2.dk (CO2-neutralwebsite.de), here I contributed with my German skills, writing press releases, articles, translations a.s.o. as well as preforming B2C tasks.

After this I worked on a project for Whiteaway.com, where I had to create text for two new home pages Knau and Adelberg. The text was to be created in Danish, German and English.

Life as an expat

April 2012 I moved to Cyprus with my family as my husband got offered a job there. I started as a  freelance translator working mainly for a translation company, All-in Translations. Besides translating regularly for All-in Translations, where I’m the language manager for Danish, I’ve also translated a book for Bloomsbury Publishing and worked on other small jobs, e.g. LMA Gaming and Klimabevidst.dk (please see the section: Portfolio).

In 2013-2014 I worked for Storyhunter.dk – here I wrote SEO-articles for small companies, which include interviewing them and creating an article for their webside (exampels can be found here).

2013 was also the year I gave birth to our second child, Jamie. As maternity leave in Cyprus is more or less non existing for working mothers, I only had 2 weeks off until I started working part time, while taking care of our baby. When he went to nursery I picked up full time again for All-in. In September 2015 I also started doing product translations for MyTrendyPhone, who specializes in phone and tablet gadgets and repairs.

In my spare time I also write text for the family website Cypernguiden.dk, which – hence the name- is a guide for Danish tourist about Cyprus.

In August 2016 our family moved to Tallinn, a bit of a weather change compared to our sunny life in Cyprus. This also meant that I had to start my own company, Sembach OÜ, under which I do all my business.

Where to find Sembach

If you want to know more about Sembach, you can also find me on  twitter and Google+ as Translate by Sembach, Lotte Sembach Madsen and Cypernguiden.dk (also on Facebook).



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