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We all find our selves searching the internet for a free online dictionary – to make it easier for you I have gathered some links below, where you can find online dictionaries and other links in order to translate and/or check the context of that one little word, which doesn’t seem to pop into your mind, or when you are in the need of more words to fill out a form etc.

If you find yourself in need of translating more than a few words, then you are welcome to contact me on any matters regarding English, Danish and German.

The links below are related to English, German, Danish, Swedish, grammar, context etc.

English to German

English/German dictionary:

German to Danish

Danish/German dictionary: (can also be set to other languages)

English to Danish

Danish/ English Dictionary:

Danish/ English Dictionary:

Swedish to Danish


Useful English links

Logos – translation:


Useful German links



Das deutsche Reimlexikon:

Useful Danish links

Den Danske Ordbog:

Den Danske online Ordbog:

Jysk ordbog:

Dansk Sprognævn ordbog:

Sportsjournalistisk – dansk ordbog:

Useful links

IATE Search:


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