Copy-writing and Plagiarism

One thing you should always bear in mind, when doing copy-writing is to be aware of not plagiarizing someone else’s work. Your content always has to be unique and stand out from the crowd – and if you do find your self copying text, images, ideas etc. always remember giving proper accreditation to the rightful owner.

Personally, I prefer creating and reading texts that are not like the 10 other texts I just read on the topic – of course this can at time be difficult, when some topics, things etc. just are as they are : 1+1=2. In this case you need to think out of the box and write/explain it in a different way: 

en2 +  en1   = two

How to…

I came across this article, which describes, how to check for plagiarized content! This also come in handy for the one’s being copied, if you want to check whether you are being copied.

Have a read through and let me know what you think on the matter!



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